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'''Scouting in Tennessee''' has a long history, from the [[1910s]] to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they live.
== Early history (1910-1950) ==
Until 1948, some southern councils of the [[Boy Scouts of America]] (BSA) were racially segregated. Colored Troops, as they were officially known, were given little support from Districts and Councils. Some Scouting executives and leaders believed that Colored Scouts and Leaders would be less able to live up to the ideals of the Boy Scouts. The National Office began a program of integrating local councils in 1940, which was largely complete in 1948.
Most [[Girl Scouts of the USA]] units were originally segregated by race according to state and local laws and customs. In 1933, [[Josephine Groves Holloway]] founded unofficial African American troops in Tennessee. She also fully desegregated the Cumberland Valley council in 1962.
== Boy Scouting in Tennessee ==
There are seven BSA local councils in Tennessee.
*[[West Tennessee Area Council]]
== Girl Scouting in Tennessee today ==
There are six Girl Scout council offices in Tennessee.
*Girl Scouts of Tanasi Council, Inc., Knoxville, TN
== Scouting museums in Tennessee ==
{{main|Scouting museums}}
* Peregrine International Museum of Scouting


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