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==Scouts on scoutwiki==
[[Special:Listusers|List of users]] - [[ScoutWiki:Camp Fire|Camp Fire (discussion area)]] - [[ScoutWiki:Applications for Adminship|Applications for Adminship of this ScoutWiki]]
[[special:Newpages|New]] - [[special:Popularpages|Most watched]] - [[special:Wantedpages|Most wanted]] - [[special:Longpages|Longest]] - [[special:Shortpages|Shortest]] - [[special:Allpages|All articles]] - [[special:Categories|All categories]] - [[special:Recentchanges|Recent changes]]
==SeeTips also& hints==
[[Help:Contents]] - General help page<BR>
[[ScoutWiki:Images to be imported|Receive help on importing images]]<br>
[[Special:SpecialPages|List of special pages]]<br>
[[ScoutWiki:Why ScoutWiki, why not Wikipedia|The added value of ScoutWiki to Wikipedia]]<br>
[[ScoutWiki:How to ScoutWikify|How to ScoutWikify articles imported from wikipedia]]<br>
[[ScoutWiki:Sandbox|The Sandbox]] - Experimenting space for newbies<br>
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[[special:Shortpages|Short articles]] - May need to be extended<br>
[[special:Wantedpages|Wanted pages]] - Still need to be written<br>
[[ScoutWiki:Bugs and problems|Encountered bugs]] - Mention them here when encountered<br>
==Current projects==
[[ScoutWiki:Workforces|Workforces asked for new projects]]
[[ScoutWiki:Inspiration|Inspiration page]] - Make a suggestion for new pages, or write an article somebody else likes tosomething readyourself


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