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{{Mergeto|Lashing knot|Talk:Lashing knot|date=September 2006}}
| strength= 100%
| origin=
| related= [[sheer lashing]]
| releasing= begin by undoing a [[clove hitch]]. Next unwrap the rope. Finally, undo the other [[clove hitch]].
| uses= Tying two spars at a [[angle|straight angle]] where the spars are clean and of equal diameter; if not you should use a [[sheer lashing]] or when security of the lashing is vital.
| caveat= A [[lashing stick]] should be used in all lashing projects where personal safety is a concern.
| abok_number=
The '''round lashing''' is a type of [[lashing]].
'''Materials:''' Two spars, 15 - 20 feet of rope.<BRbr />
'''Comments:''' Vital to the efficiency of this lashing is the tightness of the lashing itself. Use of a [[lashing stick]] is advised.<BRbr />
'''Tying:''' To tie a round Lashing begin with a [[clove hitch]] around both poles, about six inches from the end of one pole. Then, wrap the free end of the rope around both poles parallel, and below, the [[clove hitch]] about seven or eight times. End this portion with a [[clove hitch]]. Then repeat the process about six inches from the other end of the spar.
[[it:Legatura piana]]
[[pt:Amarra Paralela]]
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