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|If you wish to contact me urgently, please contact me on my talk page '''[ at Train Spotting World]''', where I am most active. If it's not urgent, leave it below and i'll respond when I can. Thanks very much. '''<font face="Verdana">[[User:Bluegoblin7|<font color="blue">BG</font>]][[User_talk:Bluegoblin7|<font color="gray">7</font>]]</font>''' 04:51, 20 December 2007 (EET)
==Re:New User:Bluegoblin7==
I've seen your message on [[:fr:Discussion Utilisateur:Akela NDE|my French talk page]], thanks for your proposal. The English ScoutWiki really needs native English-speaking contributors, so you are really welcome!
May I ask you which are the radical changes you wish to make to the wiki ? For those which do not require you to have the admin rights, feel free to apply them on this wiki as soon as you want. The admin rights we will possibly grant you later, when we will have seen that you really are ready to become involved in the project. I think one month of regular contributions would do it, especially if you keep in touch with the rest of the team on forum or IRC.
So it would be great, if you came to speak a bit with our other main international contributors, either on [ our forum] or, more likely, on [irc:// our IRC channel] (#scoutwiki @ Freenode). You may also wish to contact the other main contributor on this wiki, [[user:Ericblazek|Ericblazek]], a US scouter who joined in November.
For the time going, if you really need some changes to be done which require admin rights, you can ask me or [[user:Cedsib|Cedsib]] or [[user:ZeiP|ZeiP]] to apply them.
Feel free to contact by email: [[special:emailuser/Akela NDE|akela_nde(a)]]. I also have MSN address which I will be glad to give you if you wish.
Scout greetings,
[[User:Akela NDE|Akela]] - <small>[[Special:Emailuser/Akela NDE|yaw]] [[:fr:Discussion utilisateur:Akela NDE|yaoooo !]]</small> 14:56, 20 December 2007 (EET)
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