Spanking (Game)

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This game can be harsh. Play with sense of your opponents pain-level!!

Game plan

Start position

Everybody sits in a circle. On person will be the caller. This initiator holds his ears. Also the persons next to the initiator cover each ONE ear: the ear closest to the initiator.


The caller calls onto ... NAME. As soon as the name is called, the caller and his neighbours immediately lower their hands. (away from their ears) At the same time, the person called upon becomes the new caller, and immediately takes the caller-position (both ears covered). His/her neighbours als immediately cover their ear (closest to the new caller).


Obviously not everyone will go immediately in the correct position. As long as anyone is wrong, that person can be spanked on the thighs by the others. As soon as you are in the correct position, you can not be spanked!

In case one smacks your thigh incorrectly (you were already in correct position): you get a free slap back.

Alternative rules

crossed hands

The callers and the person besides them still have to grab the same ears, but by their opposite hands. So if you have to grab your right ear, do so by your left hand. Or if you are the caller, have your right hand on your left ear and left hand on your right ear.


instead of putting your hands on your ears, the rule is the caller put arms on thighs. And those besides cover the thigh closest to the caller. In this scenario it might be more clear when the thigh is already protected (to prevent incorrect slapping). To distinct between standard position and calling position: make the standard position to grab your ears.