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Best Practices for Scouting Social Media Recruitment

Why Social Media Recruitment

In marketing, it is important to get your message out across multiple communication channels. Social Media is one of the hot channels now, especially amongst the younger generation.

Note: Where to look for your target market:

  • Facebook : Primary tool of Adults
  • Instagram : Primary tool of Youth
  • Twitter : ???



Creating Successful Groups and Pages

There are a few important rules to understand about the Facebook algorithms in order to get the best success from your Facebook activities:

Here are some tips for success on Facebook:

  1. Facebook Wants Users to Stay on Facebook: They PENALIZE (downgrade) posts that feature outbound links taking readers to a different website. Facebook makes their profits when readers stay on their website and see advertising posts. Facebook wants "native" content - that material which is unique to their website.
  2. Facebook Wants Users to Stay on Facebook: They REWARD (upgrade) posts that encourage ongoing discussion and reader interaction with the posts.
  3. Create Posts that Ask Engaging Questions:
  4. Interact with commentators to your post: - Likes, Replys, and posting celebratory "GIFS" are important.
  5. Tag Group Members: -
  6. Tag / Link to older Facebook Posts:
  7. Facebook Wants Ad Dollars: - They will prominently display "sponsored" postings for as little as $5 per month.

You will notice that "debate" type groups figure pretty prominently in your daily facebook scroll, but because the crowd here is hostile and angry, they may not be the best place to post your recruitment posters.

Recruitment with a Facebook Community Group

Facebook Wants Users to Stay on Facebook: Note that Facebook will recognize a successful post or group and will start promoting it to potential new members for you.

We recently heard about a scouting group the created a Facebook Group for their local community featuring family friendly topics. The group quickly rose in popularity to over 15,000 members. This group was then very receptive to when the scout unit include their recruitment posts into the midst of group content.

  1. Use Private Groups: Make Group setting "Private" so that readers are required to "Join Group". One registered as a group member, Facebook will drive your group posts constantly into their daily feed.
  2. Quick Start Groups: Use the "Invite+" button to encourage your friends to join your group. Ask your scouting friends to do likewise.
  3. Shared Topic Groups: A group discussing local family activities could be an opportunity
  4. "Share" your Facebook page with like minded facebook groups in your community, scouting, your charter org, free neighborhood shopping exchange, etc:

Facebook Scouting Success Examples

  1. San Diego with Kids -

Facebook Ads

Many units are running paid ads on Facebook using their "geo-fencing" feature to target their local neighborhood.

More Fun with Facebook

Update your Facebook Profile
  1. Share a daily/weekly scout message
  2. Encourage Scouter Blogging - Many scouters have different journal methods and reach different audiences.
  3. Facebook Comments - post scout positive comments in Facebook.
  4. Include US Flag Image - scientifically proven to have a positive persuasive effect for scouting recognition.
  5. Facebook Compliments #1 - Thank people and organizations for their support of scouting or the country or for our Veterans.
  6. Facebook Quote of the Day -

Facebook Marketing Resources

  1. How to Create an Engaged Facebook Group: 5 Steps - Want to use a Facebook group to grow your business? Wondering how to develop engagement that supports your goals? Facebook marketing expert Dana Malstaff shares five steps to create a Facebook group members will return to and engage with. Get practical tips to structure your group and discover three types of posts to ban from your group. You’ll also get examples of posts you should be using, and learn how to balance conversational posts with educational posts.
  2. How to Grow a Facebook Group to Your FIRST 1000 Members in 4 Steps! - In this video, Lindsay Moore shares 4 ways to grow my Facebook group to over 1000 members fast. If you plan on using social media to grow your business, then it's very important that you leverage Facebook groups to help you to further build your brand, build relationships and to earn more sales.




  1. - "The Private Social Network for Your Neighborhood." Post all invites to local scouting open house events here!

School Digital Boards

  1. PeachJar

Social Media Unique Content

The Social Media platforms hate links to other websites, but love it when you post unique content on their website.

Follow Scouting Magazine for some great content ideas that you modify and share to your own group:

  1. Benefits of Scouting - Links to great articles about the benefits of Scouting.
  2. Benefits of Scouting #2 - more great article links
    1. 14 Benefits of Sending a Scout to Camp -
    2. 9 Benefits of Scouting -
    3. Why Scouting - A Study of the Many Benefits of Scouting
    4. Troop 282 Honors Veterans with 21-Gun Salute and Flag Ceremony
    5. Scouting For Food Kick’s Off Giving Season
    6. University Acceptance Letter Compliments Eagle Scouts -


Social Media

Benefits bsa1.jpg

Social Media Marketing:

  1. Update your Facebook Profile - Then just say hello to your local school and community groups/ pages in Facebook.
  2. Scouting in the City: BSA Video Series - Have all unit members post this clip on their social media account!
  3. Business Message Boards -
  4. Church Message Boards -
  5. #Beascout Hashtag on Twitter -
  6. Unit Twitter Handle - #Troop726SDIC
  7. Unit Instagram Account -
  8. - Encourage your families to share their scouting success stories here.
  9. YouTube Scouting Videos- Share more great scouting videos - post comments and video links on your SM pages.
  10. Open for more ideas

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