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Snugpak RocketPak

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Snugpak RocketPak, picture taken in Romanian Bucegi mountains
Snugpak RocketPak, w/o side pockets, camouflage raincover fitted

Snugpak RocketPak is a backpack manufactured by Snugpak, patterned after British Army PLCE backpack, only re-sized to be more suitable to "regular" users like hikers and mountaineers. Consist in three "pieces": the main body, with 40 l capacity and two side pockets, 15 l each, which can be attached on main body with zippers and Fastex-like buckles. The side pockets can be zipped together and attached on auxiliary harness ("yoke" in company literature), to make a smaller day-pack. The yoke can be supplied by Snugpak or a regular PLCE yoke, which can be purchased in any British surplus store.

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