Slow-cooked open-flame salmon

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Salmon prepared on open fire is traditional Finnish scouting recipe.

Salmon cooking near open flame


  • 150-300 g salmon fillet per person
  • a little salt

The fish cooks evenly if its thickness does not vary. The salt is rubbed into the salmon. Pieces of fish are nailed to a wooden board, each piece on a separate board, preferably of alder, and using wooden nails. About 4 nails is enough. A little drilled hole on the board for the nails makes things a little easier. When the fish is firmly attached to the board, the boards are placed around an open fire. The distance should be about 10 cm from the edge of the fire and 20-30 cm from the big flames. Rocks are a good support for the boards.

The fish cooks for at least 45 minutes, sometimes even a few hours. During this time the fire is kept burning steadily and the boards are turned so that both ends of the fish receive the same amount of heat. The fish can be moistened with salt water during this time. The fish is ready when it is soft, and the skin easily separates from the flesh.

Slow-cooked open-flame salmon can be eaten as such, but butter, especially with garlic, makes it even better.