Shenandoah Area Council

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The Shenandoah Area Council is a local council of the Boy Scouts of America located in the states of Virginia and West Virginia.

Council History

Council Patches


SAC has four districts. Mannahoac which consists of Jefferson and Clarke County (West Virginia and Virginia respectively). Potomac with Berkeley and Jefferson Counties (West Virgina). Shawnee is made up of only Frederick County (Virginia). The fourth Shenrapawa is composed of Shenandoah, Page, Rappahanock, and Warren County (Virginia).


SAC presently only has one camp, Camp Rock Enon, located in Gore, Virginia. Camp Rock Enon consists of 860 acres nestled in the foothills of North Mountain in Gore, Virginia. The camp was first opened in 1945 by the Shenandoah Area Council as its Boy Scout Summer Camp.


The council is served by the Shenshawpotoo Lodge