Shear lashing

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Shear lashing
Names Shear lashing, Sheer lashing
Category lashing
Efficiency 100%
Related round lashing
Releasing begin by undoing a clove hitch. Next unfrap [1] the lashing. Next unwrap the rope. Finally, undo the other clove hitch.
Typical use Tying spars or poles together when they must subsequently be swung apart slightly in a scissors motion (shear legs). Shear lashings may also be used in place of round lashings to join spars of unequal thickness in a straight line.

The shear lashing is a type of lashing. Materials: Two or three spars or poles, 15 - 20 feet of rope.

Tying: To tie a shear lashing, begin with a clove hitch around one spar. Then wrap the free end of the rope around both spars about seven or eight times. Make about three fraps around the lashing, and end up with a clove hitch on the second spar.

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