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Sea Badge is the advanced leadership/management course for adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America's Sea Scouts program, loosely equivalent to Wood Badge, but not Powder Horn (a Venturing-related course first offered in 2000).

The course was developed in 1970 by a group of Sea Scout leaders in California, to developed an advanced leadership/management course. Since that time, the course has been revised several times.

Sea Badge is offered by the Regions in 2-3 locations each year. It is delivered as a weekend course to those Sea Scout leaders who have completed basic training for Sea Scout leaders. The focus on the course is leadership/management for Sea Scout leaders. It is not meant to be a course in seamanship--this is now handled by the basic leader training courses and seamanship courses offered by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and United States Power Squadron.

Once completed, participants receive a special Sea Badge pin (a Boy Scout badge and anchor superimposed on a trident and surrounded by a laurel wreath), and "knot" (actually a blue trident on a gray background). Formerly, receiving the pin occurred only after the participant had completed a set of goals called a 'rudder' or 'praxis', loosely similar to the 'ticket' in Wood Badge. Today, this practice has been dropped, but apparently continues in the Southern Region.

The pin is worn centered above the name tag on the right side of the shirt. Most leaders don't wear the knot available from National, instead obtaining knots on tan, green, white, and navy for their uniforms. There are also knots with 2 and 3 tridents to indicate staff and course directors but these are not authorized.

More information on the course may be found at the Sea Scout website.

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