Scouts unitaires de France

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Scouts unitaires de France
Scouts unitaires de France
Unitary Scouts of France
Headquarters Paris
Country France
Founded 1971
Membership 23,000
President Thierry Berlizot

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The Scouts Unitaires de France (Unitary Scouts of France, SUF) is a French Catholic Scouting movement created in 1971. It is the third largest movement in France.

From 1964 to 1970 the Scouts de France prepared and experimented with a new pedagogy, splitting the Scouts troops (unités) into two new sections and partly implementing coeducation. Until 1971 the old and the new pedagogies coexisted in the same organisation. In the 1970s the new pedagogy became compulsory. In 1971 around twenty local groups refused to conform and chose to stay with the former unitary pedagogy. These groups created the Scouts Unitaires de France, initially with around 1,000 members. In 1980 the SUF had 10,000 members and by 2006 had grown further to 23,000 members.

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