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A Scoutmaster is the primary adult Scout Leader of a Scout Troop. The term is used in the Boy Scouts of America and Scouting Ireland although different terms are used in other English-speaking Scout associations.

The Scoutmaster is responsible for guiding the Scouts in running their Troop. By advising the youth leaders (most notably the Senior Patrol Leader) of the Troop, the Scoutmaster seeks to provide them with opportunities for personal growth through leadership and activity.

There are many training programs for adult Scout leaders, with Wood Badge being considered the top level.

In the Boy Scouts of America, the term Scoutmaster is used in the Boy Scout Troop, while the corresponding position of Cubmaster is used in Cub Scouts, Coach in Varsity Scouts, Advisor in Venturing, and Skipper in Sea Scouting. Scoutmaster is a gender-neutral term, being used for both women and men, though early in Scouting history, Scoutmistress was also commonly used. The term Scouter is used to refer to any Scout leader, in any program.

Outside the United States, many English-speaking Scout associations use different terms for this position. Historically, the term Scoutmaster was used by the founder of Scouting, Robert Baden-Powell, but as the word 'master' picked up old-fashioned or negative connotations, many of these changed their terminology following the example of The Scout Association in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom and Australia, the terms Scout Leader, Assistant Scout Leader, Cub Scout Leader, Venture Scout Leader, Group Scout Leader and so on are now used. Collectively all adult leaders are called Scouters. In South Africa, the terms Troop Scouter, Pack Scouter and so on are used.

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