Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde

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Scouting Estate Zeewolde
Scouting Estate Zeewolde
Owner Scouting Nederland
Location Zeewolde,
Country The Netherlands
Founded 2015-06-13

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Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde (en; Scouting Estate Zeewolde) is a national campsite of Scouting Nederland in the middle of the Netherlands. The site is located in the municipality Zeewolde in the province Flevoland, about 30 kilometers from the 18th World Scout Jamboree site back in 1995. The estate was was opened on 13 June 2015 by Queen Máxima. From then on it has been used as a camping site and site for national events like the National Jamboree, the Nawaka and the Scout-In.

When the national Dutch Scouts & Guides Association was looking for a national campsite their goal was to find a site where all of the branches, land-, water- and air scout could have their activities.



The estate can host around a 1000 camping guests year round. When there is an event they can up scale up to 10.000 people. Camping is possible at one of the 30 fields outside the dike on the banks of the lake or inside the dike in a wooded area.


In the Avonturenhuis (Adventure House) scouts and non-scouts, children without and with disabilities can experience nature and spent the night together.


At the "Nuldernauw Lake" shore at the edge of the estate, is a mooring place for the group ships of the Water Scouts. During events there is a flexible jetty so the water scouts can moor of their “Lelievletten”. in 2018 edition there were over 500 Vlets. The "Scout Harbor Service" guarded the waters around the site.


For all visitors, the estate features a variety of activities. Of course all kinds of water sports like canoeing and raft building. Next-door there’s an outdoor center witch offers climbing and archery.

The lake is very large so sailing competitions can take place next to the site. The nearby Scout Center Harderhaven, where Eurosea 2 (1988) was held, is at just 10 kilometers sailing.

National Bureau

In the future it is planed to move the offices of the dutch national bureau to the estate.

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