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Scouting on the Isle of Man is represented by the Scout Association of the United Kingdom. The Scout Association's Island Headquarters are based at Cunningham House in Douglas. The Association does not own any campsites or other facilities itself, although some of the Groups have their own bunkhouses or campsites, in addition to their own headquarters.[1]

The Scout Association's Patron is the Lieutenant Governor Sir Paul Haddacks, and its President is a former Chief Minister, Sir Miles Walker.

The Isle of Man's largest Scout Group is the 2nd Onchan Group.[2]

Manx Scouting logo


The 1st Malew Group were the first Scout Group on the Isle of Man. The Scouts scarf and name tag are in red and white reflecting the close relations to the Air Scouts that they were originally.

Close Ties with Ireland

The Isle of Man has attracted Irish Scouts. This was particularly the case under the patronage of Sir Charles Kerruish who facilitated the use of his own lands for Scout camping. Many groups fostered personal friendships with the Speaker of the House of Keys. In fact in 1979, as part of the island's celebration of the 1,000th anniversary of Tynwald, Sir Charles invited Irish Scouts to form part of the guard of honour for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II. All uniformed personnel present, including the Irish guests received a specially minted medal from the Queen. It was seen a great honour that, on arguably the largest celebration ever on the island, the close link with Irish Scouting was emphasised, as they stood side by side with Manx Scouts and the large military presence who were there to honour both the island itself and the Lord of Mann.

Current activities

Jamboree contingent

Ten Manx Scouts and one Leader attended the 21st World Scout Jamboree in 2007, as part of the Cumbria and Isle of Man Unit.[3]

Manx Scout badge with Triskelion

The Three Legs Challenge

The Three Legs Challenge is a hiking challenge open to all Scouts and Scout Network members. Those who undertake the challenge must walk 3 of the island's long distance walkways within 12 months. Its name is derived from the Triskelion that is the island's national symbol. The routes are:

  • Leg One - The Heritage Way

Beginning at the Quarterbridge in Douglas and follow the Heritage Way along the disused Railway Line to Peel. Finish is at the Peel Heritage Centre.
Distance 10.5 miles.

  • Leg Two - Bayr ny Skeddan (Way of the Herring)

Start at Castle Rushen in Castletown and follow the Bayr ny Skeddan to Peel. Finish at Peel Castle.
Distance 15 miles.

  • Leg Three - Millennium Way

Start at the bottom of Sky Hill, near Ramsey and follow the Millennium Way to Castletown. Finish at Castle Rushen. This hike can be completed in either one day or two consecutive days, camping overnight.
Distance 26 miles.

All hikes can be completed in any order, but all must be completed in the twelve month period. It is possible to complete the hikes either way i.e. hike from Castletown to Sky Hill to complete the Millennium Way.

Manx neckerchief with National motto

Explorer Scout Units and Scout Network

Scout sections for over 14s on Isle of Man include Onchan, Douglas, Northern and Southern District Explorer units, and the Isle of Man Scout Network.

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