Scouting and Guiding in Saskatchewan

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Northwest Territories

Scouting in Saskatchewan has a long history, from the 1900s to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they live.

Anglophone Scouting in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is administered by the Saskatchewan Council of Scouts Canada.

Local Groups and Sections

Among Saskatchewan's varied Scouting groups are Scouts, Beavers, Cubs, Rovers and the Saskatchewan Service Corps.

In 2005, Alberta's Chinook Council hosted a joint Alberta-Saskatchewan Brotherhood Jamboree at Camp Impeesa, celebrating the common centennial of the two provinces.

Canada has several associations which trace their roots to the Baden-Powell Scouts in the United Kingdom. They form the Canadian Federation of Independent Scouting, which is a member of the World Federation of Independent Scouts. Members of the federation include BPSA Saskatchewan.

Francophone Scouting in Saskatchewan

Girl Guiding in Saskatchewan

Guide Companies were first registered in Saskatchewan in 1910, in Moose Jaw. Guides are now served by the Girl Guides of Canada - Saskatchewan Council. There are two provincially-operated Girl Guide camps in Saskatchewan. Heritage Lake is in the northern half of the province, and Camp Can-ta-ka-ye is located on Lake Diefenbaker, near Birsay. Camp Can-ta-ka-ye offers programmed summer camps for girls in Saskatchewan (both Guiding and non-Guiding girls)[1]

Scout memorials

Scouting memorials include Seton Coulee, near Runnymede, Saskatchewan, named for Ernest Thompson Seton. 51°30′N 101°42′W / 51.5°N 101.7°W / 51.5; -101.7

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