Scouting and Guiding in New Brunswick

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Scouting in New Brunswick has a long history, from the 1900s to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they live.

Anglophone Scouting in New Brunswick

4th Pentathalon Jamboree in Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1976 Toronto group photo

New Brunswick is administered by the New Brunswick Council of Scouts Canada. The New Brunswick Council has been directly involved with Kenya's Extension Scouting program (previously known as the Street Scouts program, active in Kenya, eastern Uganda and northern Tanzania) for a number of years. [1]

Southeast NB Service Area, Wabanaki Service Area, Riverton Service Area, Chaleur Service Area, Fundy East Service Area, and Wabanaki Area

Local groups and sections

Among New Brunswick's varied Scouting sections are Scouts, Beavers, Cubs, Venturers and Rovers.

Francophone Scouting in New Brunswick

Girl Guiding in New Brunswick

Guides are served by the Guiding in Canada - New Brunswick Council.

Headquarters: St. John, NB

New Brunswick Council is divided into 6 areas

  • Coastal Shore in northeastern New Brunswick
  • Kennebecasis in central south New Brunswick
  • Mawiw in central New Brunswick
  • Tidewater in southeastern New Brunswick
  • Upper Saint John River Valley in western New Brunswick
  • Water's Edge in southern New Brunswick


  • Camp Chacik is 41 acres near Kingston, NB in the Kennebecasis area. It was acquired in 1993.
  • Camp Chiplaquorgan is 20 acres on the shores of Oromocto Lake in the Mawiw area. It was opened in 1963. The name means "the stick that holds the pot over the fire".[2]
  • Camp Wee Waa Zee Zuk in the Mawiw area
  • Camp Nebooktook in the Tidewater area. The name is Mi'Kmaq meaning "Little camp/cabin in the woods".
  • Camp Whisong is 40 acres in the Tidewater area
  • Camp Wegwamageek is 150 acres in the Tidewater area. It was acquired in 1962. The name means "land's end" in Micmac.
  • Camp Etalacimuk in the Upper Saint John River Valley area
  • Comp Oswego in the Water's Edge are

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