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Scouting in Birmingham

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Map of England highlighting the location of Birmingham

Birmingham is a Scout County and part of the Scout Association of the United Kingdom. It is concurrent with the City of Birmingham, and provides Scouting opportunities for young people and adults in the area.[1]


The County is currently divided into six Scout Districts. The divisions within the County are reviewed periodically, with the aim of improving the organisation and provision of Scouting in the region. This has sometimes involved the creation or dissolution of Scout Districts, or simply the redrawing of boundaries.

The Districts combine to provide 120 Scout Groups and Explorer Scout Units, providing Scouting for young people from the age of 6 and up. The County also manages the Scout Network, which is the programme section for 18-25 year olds. The County Scout Network consists of a number of Local Scout Networks.

Cole Valley South

Scout Groups

  • 12th Birmingham
  • 24th Birmingham (Manor Farm)
  • 29th Birmingham
  • 50th Birmingham (1st Maypole)
  • 57th Birmingham
  • 68th Birmingham (Shalom)
  • 81st Birmingham
  • 89th Birmingham
  • 96th Birmingham South
  • 100th Birmingham (1st Bournville)
  • 129th Birmingham
  • 147th Birmingham (Holy Family)
  • 148th Birmingham (St Dunstans)
  • 190th Birmingham
  • 192nd Birmingham
  • 198th Birmingham
  • 205th Birmingham
  • 219th Birmingham
  • 220th Birmingham
  • 232nd Birmingham
  • 233rd Birmingham
  • 254th Birmingham
  • 256th Birmingham
  • 258th Birmingham
  • 260th Birmingham
  • 274th Birmingham
  • 279th Birmingham

Explorer Scout Units

Rea Valley[2]

District badge as worn on the uniform of Scouting members

Scout Groups

Explorer Scout Units

  • Lazers ESU
  • Northfield Methodists ESU
  • The Originals ESU
  • New Horizon ESU
  • Rock ESU
  • Square Four ESU
  • Tenacious ESU
  • Zibest ESU


Scout Groups

Explorer Scout Units

  • Enigma ESU (Part of 141st, 144th and 298th Scout Groups)

Sutton Coldfield East[3]

Scout Groups

  • 102nd Birmingham
  • 143rd Birmingham
  • 164th Birmingham
  • 167th Birmingham
  • 172nd Birmingham (Four Oaks)
  • 17th Sutton Coldfield
  • 197th Birmingham
  • 21st Birmingham
  • 227th Birmingham
  • 235th Birmingham
  • 257th Birmingham
  • 270th Birmingham

Explorer Scout Units

Sutton Coldfield West

Scout Groups

Explorer Scout Units

Tame Valley

Scout Groups

  • 5th Birmingham
  • 22nd Birmingham (St Georges)
  • 25th Birmingham (1st Beeches)
  • 32nd Birmingham
  • 51st Birmingham
  • 64th Birmingham (Elmwood)
  • 66th Birmingham
  • 84th Birmingham
  • 105th Birmingham
  • 114th Birmingham
  • 170th Birmingham
  • 177th Birmingham
  • 210th Birmingham
  • 213th Birmingham
  • 216th Birmingham (Voyager)
  • 222nd Birmingham
  • 223rd Birmingham (1st Pheasey)
  • 224th Birmingham (St Thomas)
  • 236th Birmingham
  • 244th Birmingham (Holy Name)
  • 246th Birmingham
  • 255th Birmingham
  • 264th Birmingham
  • 1st Summerfield


Pikes Pool Campsite and Water Activities Centre

The County has a campsite maintained by the Pikes Pool Management Committee, near Blackwell Court. The site covers 52 acres of woodland and open fields, and features a large body of water allowing a number of activities including sailing, kayaking and raft building. The site also offers archery and air rifle activities, as well as pioneering, forester and conservation courses.[4]

Events and Activities

East Birmingham Gang Show

Spitfire Scout District runs an annual Gang Show at the Dovehouse Theatre in Solihull.[5]