Hitachdut Hatsofim Ve Hatsofot Be Israel

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Hitachdut Hatsofim Ve Hatsofot Be Israel
Hitachdut Hatsofim Ve Hatsofot Be Israel
Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation
Country Israel
Founded 1919
Founder Arie Croch
Membership 90,000
Chief Scout Ilan Zilka

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Hitachdut Hatsofim Ve Hatsofot Be Israel (Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation) is the national Scouting and Guiding federation of Israel. Scouting in Israel started in 1920 and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1951. Guiding began in 1919 and became a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1963. The federation serves about 90,000 members of both sexes (according to its homepage). Scouts in Hebrew is Tzofim.

In Israel, the Scouting movement began in 1920 as a non-political organization but reflecting Zionist and Jewish-oriented ideas. However, in contrast to other places in the world, it never separated boys and girls. Despite an early attempt to have an integrated Jewish-Arab movement, they are now separate groups within the federation.

The Hitachdut Hatsofim Ve Hatsofot Be Israel has an active partnership with the German Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder including the exchange of leader delegations as well as international meetings on troop level.

The Israel Scouts are divided into five regional leadership hubs: Jerusalem, Central, Sharon, South, and North. Each hub has several tribes (local groups) located in the neighborhoods of larger cities and in small towns, and Kibbutzim as well.

The Israel scouts are for everyone regardless of race, color, creed, or socio-ecomic standing. The members of the Israel scouts come from all walks of Israeli society. The Ramat Aviv Gimel tribe for example is home to the children of wealthy celebrities and politicians, while Beer Sheva's Shkhuna Daled tribe serves as a shelter to the children of drug addicts, and abusive parents. The Israel Scouts have a special project for physically and mentally impaired children called "Broshim" (Hebrew for Evergreens). The Broshim have had tremendous success in lifting the spirits of its participants and adding a new dimension to their lives.

The federation holds two advanced scouting programs: The Wood Badge (held every 4 years for adult scouts) and The Arie Croch Israeli Scouting Badge (held annually for 11th and 12th grade scouts). Most of the federation's programs and activities are held in the Scouts Ranch in the north of Israel.


The members of the federation are:[1]

  • The Hebrew Scouts Movement in Israel - approximately 60,000 members
  • The Arab School Scouts Association - approximately 13,000 members
  • The Arab and Druze Scouts Movement which itself consists of:
    • The Israel Arab Scouts Association - approximately 2,000 members
    • The Israel Catholic Scouts Association - approximately 3,000 members
    • The Israel Druze Scouts Association - approximately 5,000 members
    • The Israel Greek Orthodox Scouts Association - approximately 2,000 members


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