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Scouting in Aruba shared a common history with the other Netherlands Antilles until the political separation of the island from the rest of the chain. Scouting Aruba is an Associate Member of the Interamerican Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Scouting in Aruba is centered around the cities and villages. There was originally one large Scout Association and one very small one, until the two Scout associations negotiated a merger. Scouts in Aruba participate in many Caribbean camps, often travelling by boat to camp on nearby islands with other Caribbean Scouts.

Program Sections

  • Beavers-ages 5 to 7 (boys and girls)
  • Cubs-ages 7 to 10 (mixed sections exist)
  • Scouts-ages 10 to 14 (mixed sections exist)
  • Explorers-ages 15 to 18 (boys and girls)
  • Rovers-ages 18 to 23 (boys and girls)

The Scout Motto is Weest Paraat, Be Prepared.

Scout Oath

Op mijn erewoord heb ik beloof ernstig te zullen trachten mijn plicht te doen tegen over God en mijn land iedereen te helpen waar ik en het padvinderswet gehoorzamen.

Scout Law

Een Scout trekt er samen met de anderen op uit om de wereld om zich heen te ontdekken, deze meer leefbaar te maken en hij is eerlijk, trouw en houdt vol, is spaarzaam en sober en zorgt goed voor de natuur en respecteert zichzelf en anderem.

A Scout explores the world together with others and tries to improve it. He is honest, loyal and doesn't give up easily. Further, a Scout is efficient and sober, takes good care for nature and respects himself and others.

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