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The Scout Group is the local organisation for Scouting in many of the countries where it is active. It combines together the different sections into a single body. In other countries, the different sections are independent of each other, although they might be sponsored or chartered by the same organisation, such as a Church.

Scout Groups can consist of any number of Scout Troops, Cub Scout Packs, and Beaver Scout Colonies. In some countries Rover Scout crews and Venture Scout crews can be part of a Scout Group.

United Kingdom

In The Scout Association of the United Kingdom, Scout Groups form a part of a Scout District, and can work together on activities and events. There is also some healthy competition between Scout Groups, especially when there is only a small distance between meeting locations. Typically, there are around 10 active Scout Groups in a District.

Scout Groups in the United Kingdom are numbered according to their formation. Sometimes, they adopt new names (for example, the 1st Whitley Scout Group became the 43rd Reading (1st Whitley) Scout Group) as District boundaries are moved and reformed.

Scout Groups can form relationships with local organisations, such as local churches, temples, or the YMCA. Typically, this involves agreements to support certain events in exchange for the use of a building or some financial payment.

Scout Groups are managed by an Executive Committee, with at least a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. They support a uniformed Group Scout Leader, and support the activities and events organised by the Section Leaders within the group.

A Scout Group is lead by a Group Scout Leader (GSL) whose responsibility is to ensure that the leaders of the different sections work together facilitating progress from one section to another by the young people in the Group. The GSL is also responsible for ensuring that the other leaders in the Group take part in leader training.


The situation in Scouts Australia is broadly the same as in the United Kingdom. Venturer Scout units and Rover crews can be in Groups or District based, but are usually District based. Groups are usually part of a district, which is sometimes part of a Scout Region.


In Queensland, each group aims to have at least a Joey Scout mob, Cub Scout pack, Scout troop, Venturer Scout unit, and Rover crew.

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, there are no districts, and only two regions. [1]

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