Scout Leader Training (BSA)

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Don't be overwhelmed by your new scouting assignment. There are lots of BSA Training Resources available. These include the following to help you "Be Prepared" for scouting success:

  1. Scout Leader Basic Training: Having a rich understanding of the program will greatly enhance your success as a unit recruiter. This section provides a variety of materials, from quick references to complete courses, all designed to help our members improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program.
  2. Youth Protection Training: - BSA is the worldwide leader in developing guidelines to serve and protect our youth. Be familiar with YPT.
  3. University of Scouting: Most BSA Council's hold an annual event on scouting best practices. Several of these courses focus on recruiting strategies unique for your community.
  4. Scout Training on YouTube - Many scouters share tricks of their scoutcraft in online video series.
    1. Scouts BSA Year Round Recruiting Guide -
    2. Recruiting New Members - Scouts BSA
    3. Venturing Crew Recruiting Guide -
    4. Family Scouting- ScoutMeIn Campaign Guide
  5. Attend Wood Badge: This advance adult scouting leadership training course will give you some awesome skills to greatly enhance your success as a unit recruiter.
  6. Attend District Membership Committee: get update info on recruitment events, ongoing training, opportunities and best practices in your area.
  7. District Roundtable - get update info on recruitment events and opportunities in your area. Several times a year they have recruitment refresher sessions and updated recruitment collateral.
  8. Pack and Den Recruiting: - ScoutingWire Special Training Feature

Additional Resources: