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This page is for editors to draw the attention of administrators to jobs that can only be done by administrators. These are likely to be in one of the following four areas, but a fifth section is added for anything we have missed.

Articles, categories, images, etc for deletion

If you find an article that clearly should be deleted, list it below in the following format:

Article name

Reason for deletion.


This category has been replaced by Category:Scouting events. I created it because the footer on the main page pointed to it. I then found that most events were in Category:Scouting events, so I changed the link on the footer for the main page and emptied the category I had created. --Bduke 01:03, 13 January 2008 (EET)

Hmmm... appears to be already deleted, so Yes check.svg Done! BG7 02:10, 13 January 2008 (EET)

Difficult moves

Any editor can normally move (i.e. rename) an article using the move tag at the top of the page. If a talk page exists that can be moved at the same time. The original name becomes a redirect to the new name. However, this is not possible if the target for the move already exists. In that case the target has to be deleted, so the move has to be done by an administrator. A good example is reversing a move that does not make sense. List the proposed move below in the following format:

Original name: give name; New name: give new name

Reason for move.

Page protection

List pages that need to be either fully-protected (large amounts of vandalism, or at risk so that only admins can edit them), or semi-protected (can be used for large amounts of IP vandalism. You must be logged in to edit theses pages!). List the page in the following format:

Page name

Reason for protection.

Report vandalism

Report any vandalism that you can not deal with yourself below, each report starting with *.

Other items

Give details here of anything else you want to bring to the attention of an administrator.