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ScoutWiki:Applications for Adminship

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Applications for adminship (AfA) is the process by which the English ScoutWiki community decides who will become administrators (also known as admins or sysops), who are users with access to additional technical features that aid in maintenance. A user either submits his/her own request for adminship (a self-nomination) or is nominated by another user. Please be familiar with the administrators' reading list and how-to guide, before submitting your request.

Adding a new request

To create a new AfA nomination (both self nominations and user nominations), please copy the code below and paste it under the Current nominations for adminship section below:
{{subst:AfA|username|''end date''|statement}}

You need to replace the username parameter with the username of the candidate, and the end date parameter with the ending date of voting, which is 5 days from when the candidate accepts the nomination.

Please read ScoutWiki:Adminship before nominating a user or yourself for Adminship to make sure you know what an Administrator does.

Candidates should consider admin tools as a way to help the project, and not as power.

Judging nominations

Please note that a candidates suitability for adminship should be judged on trustworthiness alone and not on quality of edits, edit counts or amount of activity etc. Please remmeber that adminship is voluntary hard work and not an award or recognition. It is also not a rank or a promotion in any way. It is simply a user who has been given a few extra tools so that the user can do the maintenance he has volunteered to do.

About AfA

Please see ScoutWiki:Adminship for information about adminship and the AfA process.

Archived nominations

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Current nominations for adminship

Current time is Template:FULLDATE

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