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Bear Pond, Long Lake, NY

Sabattis Adventure Camp is a Boy Scout adventure camp located in the Adirondack State Park in New York State. The camp is owned and operated by the Patriots' Path Council, Boy Scouts of America. The camp, usually in operation from early July to late August, offers Boy Scouts the chance to spend a week either living on the camp ground, where they participate in various camp activities and work on completing merit badges, or go on a trek, where they hike or canoe for most of the week.


The land where the camp now stands was originally the estate of swimmer and Olympic Gold Medalist Charles Daniels. Most of the grounds occupied by the camp are the remains of a nine hole golf course Daniels built for his wife, the most visible portion of which is the parade grounds, next to the staff dining hall, which still looks like the green that it once was. He built the golf course to convince his wife to come up with him. The spot where the flag pole stands now is one of the original putting greens. The actual mansion that the Daniels lived in was located near what is now Family Camp, next to the lake, but it burned to the ground long ago, and few visible reminders of it remain. The Doll House, which he had built for his daughter to play in, still stands, though, and is used to house staff. The path leading to the Mohawk camp site was the original main entrance to the estate, and the stone wall lining it is still there in fairly good condition, along with the main gates near the main road.


  • The Mexican House is the camp office and houses the offices of the Camp Director, Program Director and Business Manager.
  • The Health Lodge houses the Health officer and staff members. The Health Lodge also has the office of the Health Officer. The Health Officer offers the First Aid MB and CPR training.
  • The Barn (built ~ 1910) houses the Staff Lounge, the Ranger Shed, Mountain Biking program, Adult/Staff Showers and a large room for program. The barn was re-painted in 2000.
  • The Staff Dining Hall houses staff members and contains the staff dining hall. The Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader reception is held one dinner a week in the dining hall.
  • The Doll House is located down the hill in front of the Trek Center. The Doll House currently houses staff members (short ones). Is complete with a living room, dining room, kitchen, bath and two bedrooms and a cellar with a furnace. It was used as a playhouse for Charles Daniels' children and was built on a three-fourths scale.
  • The Trek Center is the base for the Adirondack Treks. Currently there are 3 Treks that are offered per week. A unit is assigned a Voyageur guide to guide them through the Adirondacks. Both backpacking and canoeing treks are offered. All Trekking activities are directed by the Trek Director. The Trek Center was transferred in 2005 from the Family Camp Building.

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