Potawatomi Area Council

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Homepage: http://www.pacbsa.org/

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Camp Long Lake is the council camp for Potawatomi Area Council. PAC is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Camp Long Lake is located in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. It is located on Long Lake, an approxamitely 7 mile, shallow lake caused by glaciation. Camp Long Lake has the following merit badge areas:

  • "Aqualand" (Lifesaving, Swimming, Lifesaving BSA, Mile Swim)
  • Archery
  • Boating (Canoe, Motorboating, Rowing)
  • Camp Craft (Basketweaving, Camping, Cooking, First Aid, Chemical Fuel Chit, Fireman's Chit, Totem Chit, others vary by year)
  • Climbing Tower
  • Shotgun and Rifle Range
  • Wilderness Survival Area

It also contains the following:

  • A large mess hall and kitchen
  • Two buildings for winter camping
  • Three shower facilities divided by gender and age groups
  • Various support and maintenance facilities


  • Fox River District
  • Glacier Hills District
  • Southern Trails District
  • Sunset Waters District

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