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The Pathfinder Scouts Association(PSA) is an independent Traditional Scouting Association in the United Kingdom. The Association runs along the lines of Baden-Powell's original programme, upholding the traditions and practice set out by him in Scouting for Boys.


1982 - 2016

The PSA split from the British Boy Scouts in 1992, and was registered as a charity in the United Kingdom in September 1982,[1] with nine Groups. In 1995 the founder and Chief Commissioners of the PSA, Ray o'Donnell-Hampton & Steven Dudley-Coventry who has 'Gone Home', the number of groups fell and the Association lost its charitable status. The Association was then officially wound up in April 1998, with the remaining badges being passed on to the British Boy Scouts.[1]

Before the PSA was wound up, the older members of the Pathfinder Scouts Association had divided into a separate, but linked, organisation called the Rover Explorer Scout Association (RESA) which is still active.

2003 - Present

In October 2003 the Bedfordshire Pathfinder Scouts Association was registered with the Charity Commission, having the stated aims "to promote the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well being of children and young people aged between 5 - 18 years in Bedfordshire through the provision of Pathfinder Scouting activities. These include adventure, sport and other recreational activities." [2]


In common with other members of the Traditional Scouting Movement, the main policy is to follow Baden-Powell’s original ideas, as outlined in Scouting For Boys.

Scout Law and Promise

The PSA Scout Law is derived from the original Scout Law, but written in verse:[3]

Trusty, loyal, helpful;
Brotherly, courteous, kind;
Obedient, smiling, thrifty;
Clean in body and mind.

The PSA Scout Promise is:

On my honour I promise
to do my best to do my duty to
God and my Country
To help other people at all times
and to obey the Scout Law.


The uniform worn by members of the PSA reflects that worn by all Scouts prior to the publication of the The Scout Association's Advance Party Report in 1969.

  • Headwear: Beret, with the Association badge in front, or Campaign Hat.
  • Scarf: Of the Group colour worn with a woggle or a loose knot at the throat.
  • Shirt: In non Sea or Air Groups, a khaki shirt.
  • Shorts or trousers: Khaki colour. Most Scouts now wear trousers. [4]
  • Belt: Brown leather, Official pattern.
  • Socks: Any plain colour, worn turned down below the knee
  • Boots or shoes: Brown or black.
  • Shoulder badge: Indicating the Group, worn on the right shoulder.

Provision is also made for Marine Scouts.[5]


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