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Nawaka Scout Jamboree

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Nawaka (national water camp) is a National Jamboree for Sea Scouts in The Netherlands. It is organised every five years by Scouting Nederland. Around 6000 scouts, approximately 100 coming outsite of the Netherlands, in the age of 7 to 27 years join this event bringing together about 1000 ships and sailboats.


year city name theme
1949 Rotterdam (kruiteiland) Nationaal Zeeverkenners Kamp
(national Sea Scouts camp)
try-out for 1950
1950 Terherne Nationaal Zeeverkenners Kamp
1954 Nieuwkoop Nationaal Zeeverkenners Kamp
1958 Nieuwkoop Nationaal Zeeverkenners Kamp
1961 Nieuwkoop Nationaal Waterkamp
(national water camp)
1965 Nieuwkoop Nationaal Waterkamp
1970 Vinkeveen NaWaKa
1976 Vinkeveen NaWaKa
1977 Enkhuizen Internationaal Loodsenkamp
(international "Sea Rover Scouts" camp)
1979 Hellevoetsluis Internationaal Loodsenkamp
1980 Vinkeveen NaWaKa Buitengewoon, gewoon buiten
1985 Vinkeveen NaWaKa Scouting 75 jaar in Nederland
1989 Roermond NaWaKa Verrassend Avontuurlijk
1992 Roermond NaWaKa Zeilend Europa in
1997 Roermond NaWaKa Water leeft
2002 Roermond Nawaka Over de kim
2006 Giesbeek/Zevenaar Nawaka Voortvarend/Atlantis
2010 Roermond JubJam100‎ 100 year Scouting in the Netherlands


In 2010 the JubJam100 (Jubilee Jamboree 100) will held from 26 July to 4 August 2010 on the Nawaka-campsite as a camp for "Land", Sea and Air Scouts.

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