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Medical Venturers or MedVents is a program that was created by groups of Scouts Canada. The program focuses on teaching members new skills that can be applied inside and outside of scouting events. The program is for youth, male and female, ages 14 to 26.


Program Sections

Medical Venturers include members from two program sections:

Medical Venturer groups are open to males and females.


Medical Venturers attend camps both as participants, and as staff.

When attending a camp as staff, they are usually required to be ready to provide first-aid anywhere in the camp with just a few moments notice.

Medical Venturers also attend camps that are geared solely towards training. Groups are typically split up and shuffled. This forces individuals to learn how to work in a team effectively, and increases the level of challenge. Individuals both learn and teach skills that they have acquired while in these groups.


  • 1st Downsview [1]
  • Ottawa Medical Venturer Unit [2]
  • Durham EMS Medical Venturers

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