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Maliyadeva Scout Group

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Maliyadeva Scout Group
Sections Cub, Scout, Rover
Location Kurunegala
District Kurunegala
Country Sri Lanka
Continent Asia
Date Founded 1922

Maliyadeva Scout Group (Sinhala: මලියදෙව බාලදක්ෂ සමුහය) is the scout troop of Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Maliyadeva Scout Group is mainly consist of Cub Packs, Scouts Troops and Rover Crews. Maliyadeva Old Scouts Association (MOSA) is acting as the supportive body of the Maliyadeva Scout Group.

MOSA is a associate group of Maliyadeva College Old Boys Association.


Maliyadeva Scout Group is one of the oldest and leading scout groups in Sri Lanka. It was started in the year 1922 as the 3rd scout group in Kurunegala District. The school buildings and the land were taken over by the Army in 1942 due to ongoing the World War II and all sports and extracurricular activities were interrupted. Maliyadeva Scout Group was then re established in 1960 and it was registered in Sri Lanka Scout Association.

In 1992 Scouting Activities were suddenly stopped and again restarted in 1995. This new start created a new chapter in the history book for the Maliyadeva Scout Group.

Maliyadeva Scout Group has had many victories in her pride history while producing large number of President's Scouts to the Sri Lankan nation every year. In 1998 Maliyadeva Scout Group achieved the climax of the victory by being the scout troop which produced the 2nd highest number of President's Scouts on a National Level. Maliyadeva Scout Group has an eternal name on hiking and exploring for the last two decades defeating all the other troops in Sri Lanka in most of the hiking competitions. Maliyadeva Scout Group calendar includes two exploring seasons per year which has resulted in turn a full quenching of the thirst for adventure and has also contributed to making many lovers of nature.

Maliyadeva Scout Group consists of 6 sections.

Maliyadeva Old Scouts Association
  • Singiti Scouts
  • Cub Pack
  • Junior Scout Troop
  • Senior Scout Troop
  • Rover Crew
  • Maliyadeva Old Scouts Association

Scout Troop Events

"Sampath Ranawake Memorial Challenge Trophy" (SRMCT)

Maliyadeva Scout Group annually organize a exploratory competition named "Sampath Ranawake Memorial Challenge Trophy" (SRMCT) and it is the most famous and largest orienteering HIKE competition in Sri Lanka. Annually SRMCT has more than 1,000 Scouts, Girl Scouts and Guides participation from All Parts of the Country. It is recognized as a National Level Scouting Event by Sri Lanka Scout Association and Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka since 2006.

11th Sampath Ranawaka Memorial Challenge Trophy

In the past couple of occasions at the closing ceremony of SRMCT, Sri Lanka Scout Association has requested from Maliyadeva Scout Group to organize SRMCT as a International Hiking competition. But it was not fulfilled up to now.

In 2014 "Sampath Ranawake Memorial Challenge Trophy" theme song was introduced with the support of two Sri Lankan artists (BNS). As a fund raising campaign for SRMCT, Maliyadeva Scouts annually organize a Drama Programme with the support from well-known professional artists in the country.

මකරට Drama

Sampath Ranawake Memorial Challenge Trophy Results:

Scouts / Air Scouts:

  • 1999 Kingswood College - Kandy
  • 2000 Kingswood College - Kandy
  • 2001 St. Thomas College - Mathale
  • 2002 Maliyadeva Models MV - Kurunegala
  • 2003 Ananda College - Colombo
  • 2004 Ananda College - Colombo
  • 2005 Mahanama College - Colombo
  • 2006 Mahinda College - Galle
  • 2007 Ananda College - Colombo
  • 2008 Rahula College - Matara
  • 2009 Ananda College - Colombo
  • 2010 Rahula College - Matara
  • 2011 Dharmaraja College - Kandy
  • 2012 Rahula College - Matara
  • 2013 Ananda College - Colombo
  • 2014 Dharmaraja College - Kandy
Teams at SRMCT
Maliyadeva Scouts at 23rd World Scout Jamboree, Japan
  • 2015 Trinity College - Kandy
  • 2016 Ananda College - Colombo
  • 2017 Kingswood College - Kandy
  • 2018 Rahula College - Matara
  • 2019 Thurstan College - Colombo

Guides / Girl Scouts:

  • 1999 Maliyadeva Girls' College - Kurunegala
  • 2000 St. Joseph's Girls College - Kegalle
  • 2001 Maliyadeva Girls' College - Kurunegala
  • 2002 Bandarawela MMV - Bandarawela
  • 2003 Holly Family Convent - Wennappuwa
  • 2004 Holly Family Convent - Kurunegala
  • 2005 Ferguson High School - Rathnapura
  • 2006 Sir Jhon Kothalawala MV - Kurunegala
  • 2007 St. Joseph's Girls College - Kegalle
  • 2008 Holly Family Convent - Wennappuwa
  • 2009 Holly Family Convent - Wennappuwa
  • 2010 St. Joseph's Girls College - Kegalle
  • 2011 Dankotuwa MV - Dankotuwa
  • 2012 Dankotuwa Balika Vidyala - Dankotuwa
  • 2013 Holly Family Convent - Wennappuwa
  • 2014 Rathnawali Balika Vidyalaya - Gampaha
  • 2015 Mahamaya Girls' College - Kandy
  • 2016 Holly Family Convent - Wennappuwa
  • 2017 Ferguson High School - Rathnapura
  • 2018 Holly Family Convent - Wennappuwa
  • 2019 Pushpadana Girls' College - Kandy
World Scout Environment Programme
"10,000 Trees" Souvenir and Scarf

"10,000 Trees" Environment Conservation Program

Inauguration Ceremony of Phase One of "10,000 Trees" Environment Conservation Program Organized by Maliyadeva Rover Crew of Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala was held on 3rd December, 2015 at Deduru Oya Reservoir Dam with the participation of 700 Scouts, Rover Scouts and Girl Guides.

Programme started with a soft opening ceremony at 9.30 am under the patronage of Deputy Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, proud old boy of Maliyadeva College Hon. Tharanath Basnayake. Chief Scout Commissioner Emeritus Prof. Nimal De Silva and Former Minister of Sports and Wildlife Hon. Bandula Basnayake were also made their Honourable Presence to add a meaning and great importance for this significant programme related with World Scout Environment Programme and Messengers of Peace.

World Scout Environment Programme is designed to create an awareness of personal responsibility for the environment. "10,000 Trees" Programme is based on the principles and aims for environment education in Scouting.

At the first stage 1,000 trees of Kumbuk (Terminalia Arjuna) and Mee (Madhuca Longifolia) were planted to initiate this worthy matter for Green World. The Project is carried out in 4 stages and completion of the project is proposed to implement on 3rd December, 2018. In the meantime there will be proper arrangements to observe, maintain and conserve the plants and its growth.

Deduru Oya Reservoir is located in Kurunegala District. It will serve the lands in dry and intermediate zones of Kurunegala and Puttalam Districts, where the people are frequently suffering from water scarcity. Benefits from the Project will uplift the bio-diversity values and natural condition of Deduru Oya Reservoir and surrounding of the Deduru Oya Reservoir, home to a number of endemic species of animals and they will be the one of main beneficiaries of this Project. The planting will be completed in a 3 year period and during these seasons hopefully the area receives more rainfall, ensuring the trees growth and survival.

"BP Day Program" Certificate
"9th National Scout Jamboree" Camp Gateway at Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Maliyadeva Rover while traveling
Maliyadeva Rovers "White Water Rafting" at Kithulgala, Sri Lanka

Principal of Maliyadeva College, Asst Chief Commissioners, Headquarters Commissioners, District Scout Officials, Officials from Sri Lanka Army and Police were also attended at this occasion.

"BP Day Program" and "Friendship Camp"

MOSA and Maliyadeva Scouts annually organize a "BP Day Program" or a 3 day "Friendship Camp" with the participation of Scouts, Girl Scouts and Guides in the District. The main objective is creating friendship among neighboring schools and learn about Scouting.

Himalayan Expeditions

In the past, couple of occasions, Maliyadeva Scouts climbed the Himalaya Mountains.

International Events

Annually Maliyadeva Scouts represent Sri Lanka for International Jamborees and Scout Training Programs.

Some of the International Events participated:

  • 1999 19th World Scout Jamboree - Chile
  • 2003 20th World Scout Jamboree - Thailand
  • 2011 22nd World Scout Jamboree - Sweden
  • 2015 23rd World Scout Jamboree - Japan
  • 1992 16th Australian National Jamboree - Australia
  • 1997 18th Asia-Pacific Jamboree & 9th Malaysian National Jamboree - Malaysia
  • 1998 13th SAARC and 13th National Jamboree - India
  • 1998 12th Nippon Jamboree - Japan
  • 2002 45th JOTA & 6th JOTI
  • 2006 49th JOTA & 10th JOTI

Local Events

Annually Maliyadeva Scouts participate large number of International, National and District Level Scouting events organized locally, And became champions in these events couple of occasions.

Some of the Events participated:

  • SAARC Jamborees
  • National Jamborees
  • Rajans JIM
  • RISGO Centennial Jamboree
  • J.J.P. Dehigma Memorial Challenge Trophy
  • University of Peradeniya Exploration Competition
  • Kurunegala District Scout Rallies
  • Kurunegala sub District Scout Rallies

School Level Events

Annually Maliyadeva Scouts participate in a large number of events organized by Maliyadeva College, external Institutes, external Companies and Maliyadeva Scout Group.

Some of the Events participated:

  • Maliyadeva College Sports Meet
  • Health Camps and Community Projects
  • Parents Day
  • Scout Job Week
  • Wesak or Poson Dansala
  • Pirith Pinkama
  • 1-3 Day Scout Training Camps

Maliyadeva Scouts are responsible for managing the Maliyadeva College's School Traffic Unit.

Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka National Dengue Control Program and Etisalat Lanka Free Eye Clinic ("Spectacle Dansala") held in Kurunegala are some of the main Health Camps and Community Projects participated, organized by external Institutes and Companies.

MOSA Events

"BP Day Program" and "Friendship Camp"

MOSA annually organize a "BP Day Program" or a 3 day "Friendship Camp" with the participation of Scouts, Girl Scouts and Guides in the District. The main objective is creating friendship among neighboring schools and learn about Scouting.

"Maliyadeva Mela" Parking Lot

MOSA Genio
Distributing collected donations to IDPs located at Tabbowa, Sri Lanka

MOSA successfully managed "Maliyadeva Mela" Car Park. Parking Lot Land is a large area of 1 Acre and "Maliyadeva Mela" is a 5 day Carnival organized by Maliyadeva College Old Boys Association.

"MOSA Genio"

"MOSA Genio" is a Leadership and Team Building Program designed for companies and institutions who seek Leadership and Team Building Improvements among their employees.

Relief Services

Couple of occasions Maliyadeva Scout Group distributed relief goods that was collected from kind public donors for IDPs (Internally Displaced Person) who was severely affected by Natural Disasters in Sri Lanka.

  • 2004 December - Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • 2014 May - Rain, Floods and Landslides

Community Projects

On 10th September, 2012, MOSA conducted a Community Project for Thibiriwewa Kanishta Vidyalaya, Nagollagama, Sri Lanka. And donated:

  • Public Address System to the school
  • Learning Aid Kits for each and every student
  • 8 Teacher Tables to the school
  • Blazers for the Prefect Board
  • Conducted a Medical Camp for the villagers

Maliyadeva Collage Back to School Program

On 5th October, 2017, Maliyadeva Old Scouts Association (MOSA) organized the "Maliyadeva Collage Back to School Program" with the collaboration of Maliyadeva College Old Boys Association. More than 300 Old Boys of Maliyadeva College, Past Principals and Past Teachers of Maliyadeva College were in attendance for this event.

Training Center

In 2016, Maliyayadeva Scout Group shown interest in Acquisition of a 10 Acre Bio-Diversified Land in Sri Lanka. A leading University in Sri Lanka also shown interest for this very same land. This Acquisition did not proceed for both parties.

But later in 2017, Maliyayadeva Scout Group shown interest in Acquisition of a 5 Acre Land with Buildings in Sri Lanka.

Organization Culture

Maliyadeva Scout Group will provide life insurance cover for the group members who participate in events organized by Maliyadeva Scout Group. Maliyadeva Scout Group will provide the Transport, Meals and Snacks for members who participate in these events at no charge.

Maliyadeva Scout Group consist of members who represent various industries and occupations. These members will provide free training on a regular basis for it's members. Annually Maliyadeva Scout Group organize trips for MOSA members and Scouts.

As a religious activity annually Maliyadeva Scouts will organize "Pirith Pinkama" at the College Scout Room.

Annually Maliyadeva Scout Group spent more than Rs. 1.4 Million (Approximately 10,000 USD) for the betterment of Scouts, Girl Scouts and Guides who participate for the "Sampath Ranawake Memorial Challenge Trophy" 1 day program.

Performance Based Awards

90 Years of scouting...


Each year Maliyadeva Scout Group scouts has a opportunity to get performance based Certificates (as mention below) from Maliyadeva College and Maliyadeva Scout Group.

  • Best Cub Scout: 1st Place
  • Best Cub Scout: 2nd Place
  • Best Scout (Junior): 1st Place
  • Best Scout (Junior): 2nd Place
  • Best Scout (Senior): 1st Place
  • Best Scout (Senior): 2nd Place
  • Best Performance Team (Scout Job Week)
  • Maliyadeva Collage Colours: For scouts those who represent Sri Lanka for an International event and become a President's Scout
  • N. J. De Thabru Memorial Gold Medal: Best performing Scout who is selected for the University in first attempt at the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-level)


For the participants of SRMCT, Maliyadeva Scout Group will select and offer National Level Certificates endorse by Chief Scout Commissioner of Sri Lanka Scout Association to:

  • Champions of SRMCT
  • First runner-up of SRMCT
  • Second runner-up of SRMCT
  • Best Explorer of SRMCT
  • Best Observation Team of SRMCT

SRMCT Certificate is among one of the three National Level Certificates available for Scouting in Sri Lanka.

Notable Alumni

Some of the Scouts later became well-known professionals in Sri Lanka. Some became Cabinet Ministers, Ministers, Government Officers and Military Officers, Businessmen, Managers, Doctors, Engineers and Teachers.

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