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Macpac Outdoors is a successful New Zealand company that specialises in outdoor adventure equipment. It is best known for backpacks and sleeping bags

In the early 1970s, Bruce McIntyre dropped out of university, bought a virtually unknown backpack label from a local saddler and started a one-man pack manufacturing operation from his parents' garage.

Macpac designs and manufactures a range of outdoor equipment, from its famous backpacks to lightweight adventure tents.

One of the most famous Macpac backbacks is the Litealp - it has somewhat become a cult icon, and is extremely popular among New Zealand students.

In 2003, Macpac decided to move its production to Asia to reduce production costs, with the loss of 150 jobs in Christchurch. Managing director Bruce McIntyre said that the immediate causes were the 40% rise in the New Zealand dollar and the slow-down in international travel.