Muslim Scout Association of Lebanon

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Muslim Scout Association of Lebanon:

Muslim Scout Association of Lebanon (Arabic: جمعية الكشاف المسلم في لبنان) was established in 1912, the first Scout movement in Lebanon and Arab world.

Mohammad Abdul Jabbar Khairy was the founder of the scout’s movement in Lebanon who is one of the three Indians who sought education in the universities of Beirut. Soon he traveled to Britain there scout ship aroused the interest of Mohammad Khairy during his stay in London for studies. On his return to Beirut, and by the encouragement of the administration of Dar El O’loum School and its board of trustees headed by Sheikh Toufik El Hibri, the establishment of The Ottoman Scout was announced in 1912.

In 1914 world war I broke out, Khairy left Beirut, so Mohammad Omar Mneimneh took charge of the movement, with the participation of Moheiddine Nsouli, Baha’elddine Tabbah and Said Sinno in administering the school the Scout’s movement.

1915 Mohammad Omar Mneimneh traveled to Istanbul to serve in the army so the movement stopped.

After the war the scout ship emerged again by Mohammad Said, Abdullah Dabbouss, Moheiddine and AbdulRahman Koronfol and Omar Onssi and supported by Saadullah Itani, and it was called The Syrian Scout.

The first constitution was passed on the 30th of September 1920 where the name Ottoman and Syrian were substituted by Muslim Scout Association. 29 June 1921 registration No. 3-22 The Muslim Scout Association started its activity under this name.

12 December 1934 the license was renovated under the No. 2-797, and since then and the association has proved itself as a protector of morality and principles as well as ideals in order to provide a youth which is pure in thought, work and word.