Lashing stick

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A lashing stick is a common method for tightening lashing knots more than possible by hand.

Materials: Free end of lashing, foot-long spar.

  • A lashing stick should be used in all lashing projects where personal safety is a concern.
  • Lashing sticks are nice because by twisting the spar through the rope they may be tied one handed.
  • Safety: Do not pull while fingers are between rope and spar.

Structure: Rope wrapped around spar in a half hitch.
Tying: Bring the rope in perpendicular to spar, in the middle of its length. Wrap the rope around the spar, and bring the free end parallel to the spar over the lashing end of the rope.
Using: Hold the spar and parallel rope in one hand, and the other end of the spar in the other. Pull on the spar to tighten the lashing. Loosen the rope hand to allow the rope to flow through.

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