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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA: LDS Church, Mormon Church) was the first partner to sponsor Scouting in the United States, adopting the program in 1913 as part of its Mutual Improvement Association program for young men.[1]

The Church is the largest scouting partner of Boy Scouts of America.[2] They also sponsor scouting in many other countries of the world as their primary youth activity program

Today, the LDS church continues to be a major partner of scouting, by encouraging each of its congregational units (known as wards) to sponsor both a Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop.

LDS Scout units tend to be smaller to be smaller than a traditional scout unit. This has the advantage of allowing more individualized help and attention for each scout.

Find/Contact a Local LDS Scout Unit

The quickest way to find an LDS Scout Unit in your area is to go to Chat Online with Mormon Missionaries at They will help you learn more about Scouting and other Family programs available. They will also get you into quick contact with a local LDS Scouting Representative.

Young Men Age 14 and Up

As of 31 Dec 2017, the church discontinued operation of Varsity and Venturing Units. Going forwards, all young men will be given the option to remain registered and participating with the Boy Scout unit to pursue Eagle Rank, Merit Badges and other scouting advancement awards. [3]

Those young men not wishing to stay in scouting will instead participate in Young Men Activities with their respective priesthood quorums.

LDS Religious Awards

  • Duty to God Award
  • On my Honor Award
  • Faith in God Award
  • Cub Scout Religious Knot

LDS Scouting Youth Leadership Training

For Boy Scouts, the scouting program emphasizes leadership skills by implementing "Boy Led Patrols". In the LDS Church, every time a Bishop calls a young man to serve in the dual-leadership role as Deacons Quorum President and Senior Patrol Leader, it is the responsibility of the Scoutmaster to provide that young man (and his counselors/assistants) with appropriate leadership training.

  • Intro to Leadership Skills for Troops - Basic BSA Patrol Leader Training - Scout troops hold training every six months when they elect new patrol leaders. That way the youth leaders know exactly how to run Patrol Leader Councils and Patrol Meetings.
  • National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) -The LDS Missionary Training Center finds that new missionaries (elders and sisters) that have completed the weeklong NYLT course are the best prepared to immediately accept leadership assignments in the mission field.
  • Mormon Merit Badge Activity Guide - Activity Planning Guide for LDS Patrol Leaders to help them plan workshops for merit badges most popular with LDS Boy Scouts.

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