Kon-Tiki (Scouting Event)

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Kon-Tiki refers to one of two annual Scout raft-building competitions, held in Cape Town and Gauteng in South Africa.

Named after Thor Heyrdahl's Kon-tiki expedition of 1957, teams compete to build and live on a raft for a weekend. Support crew or 'Fringe' teams compete in other, ground-based competitions.

The Cape Town competition is held at the Sea Scout Base on the banks of Sandvlei. The weekend starts on the Friday afternoon with teams arriving and starting construction of the raft. The building criteria is very strict and judging takes place continuously until the raft launch on the Saturday at 2pm. Much of the judging is related to the aspect of safety to ensure that the Scouts and Guides (ages 11 to 17) have a safe adventure. The theme of the Cape Town competition in 2007 celebrates the centenary of Scouting as well as the 60th anniversary of the Kon-Tiki expedition.

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