Independent Australian Scouts

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Independent Australian Scouts
Independent Australian Scouts
Headquarters Sutherland, New South Wales
Location Australia
Country Australia
Founded 1986
Chief Commissioner Robert Cambell[1]
Affiliation Order of World Scouts

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Independent Australian Scouts is an alternative Scouting organisation to the World Organization of the Scout Movement's Australian member, Scouts Australia, operating as a central umbrella organization for independent local Scouting associations or clubs.[2] Independent Australian Scouts was known as "Scouts of Australia" in the period 1992-2001, is a member of the Order of World Scouts and became affiliate and successor to British Boy Scouts in Australia.[3]


Scouts' Promise

On my honour I promise to strive. To seek and serve God, help other people and respect my country.
[SCOUT] To keep myself mentally, physicall and morally fit; and To obey and live by the Scout's Code.

—Scouts of Australia website

Independent Australian Scouts began as the Australia Independent Scouts in 1986 and incorporated in 1988 as Independent Scouts of Australia. With Contact in 1991 with the British Boy Scouts and British Girl Scouts Association, the Independent Scouts of Australia joined the Order of World Scouts. In 1992, the organisation renamed itself to Scouts of Australia.[4] For legal reasons the corporate name was changed to the present title in 2001[5]

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Model Scouts' Code

A Scout is truthful and a Scouts' honour is to be trusted.
A Scout is faithful to parents, family, scouters, employers, country and to those under the Scout's control or responsibility.
A Scout is obedient to proper authority and conscience.
A Scout is to be useful and to help others in need at all times without reward.
A Scout is a friend to all and a brother/sister to every other Scout no matter to what nationality, race, class or creed the other belongs.
A Scout is considerate and courteous.
A Scout is cheerful and shows courage in all difficulties.
A Scout is self-respecting being clean in thought, word and deed
A Scout is thrifty, self-reliant and makes good use of time and possessions.
A Scout is a friend of nature and takes care of the environment.

—Scouts of Australia website
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