Historic Trails of America

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Historic Trails of America


The Historic Trails of America Award brings appreciation to the ideals, principles, and traditions that have made our country strong. Requirements emphasize cooperation between historic societies and Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scout units, which should establish a close relationship with a local society as soon as possible when planning a historic activity—most communities have such societies. Their are many options to earning this Award.

Notable Historic Trails

Scouts may earn from SDIC this patch by hiking a portion of the trail and completing other related requirements.
  • Mormon Battalion Trail - 2000 mile Historic military march of the Mexican-American War from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Diego, CA. Completed 1846-47 by the Mormon Battalion, America's only religious-based army unit.

Related Merit Badges

Sometimes it is easier by doing two or more merit badges together as a joint activity: