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Hi-Sierra International Rendezvous

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Hi-Sierra International Rendezvous is a special summer camp program of the Santa Clara County Council, Boy Scouts of America. It has been held every two years since 1992, at the Council's summer camp facility, Camp Hi-Sierra, near Long Barn, California. International contingents are invited to attend the week long encampment, and also spend time with families in the South Bay for a few days before or after the event.

The theme for International Rendezvous is the High Sierra Mountain Man, the colorful trapper, and rugged individual of the early 19th century -- 1820 - 1850. Mountain men tramped the forests of the Rocky Mountains, and Sierra Nevada as nomads, trapping animals for pelts. They would meet at the Rendezvous, to sell pelts, spend time with friends, sing, gamble, compete, and get reprovisioned to go out into the wild again. The Mountain Man theme was chosen for International Rendezvous becuase of the rich history portrayed, and because of the unique skills they employed. An authentic Mountain Man encampment is established, where our re-enacters stay during the week, dressing, cooking and living as the Mountain Men did. All of the campers participate with the re-enacters, learning flint & steel, learning how to cook with Dutch Ovens, making leather handicrafts. The campers also pan for gold, shoot black powder rifles, hike and swim.

Presented here is history of the Rendezvous, in photographs, patches and newsletters. Also, found here is some detailed information about some off the Mountain Man skills and activities that have beeen available at Rendezvous.

The Ways of the Mountain Men