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Hexamine Fuel Tablets, also known as Esbit, or heat tablets are a solid fuel in tablet form. The tablets burn smokelessly, have a high energy density, do not liquify while burning and leave no ashes. Invented in Murrhardt, Germany in 1932, the main component is hexamine. "Esbit" is a genericized trademark as it is used to refer to similar products made by other companies.

The tablets are used for cooking by campers, the military and relief organizations. The tablets are often used with disposable metal stoves that are included with Combat ration packs. Another common use is to provide a safe heat source for model steam engines, such as those manufactured by Mamod.


The only main drawback to using a Hexamine tablet is its toxicity. Hexamine tablets give off noxious fumes, requiring all foods being cooked to be contained in a receptacle such as a pot or pan.


Various names for Hexamine tablets circulate, some of which are:

  • Hexi Tabs
  • Hexamine Tabs
  • ESBIT Tabs
  • Fuel Tabs
  • HEF Tabs


ESBIT stands for "Erich Schumms Brennstoff in Tablettenform" (Erich Schumm's Fuel in Tablets)

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