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A carpenter's hatchet

Hatchet from the French hachette a diminutive form of the word hache, French for axe. The hatchet is a single handed striking tool with a sharp blade used to cut and split wood. Hatchets are taxonomically differentiated from hand axes by some using one or more of the following characteristics: the addition of a hammer head and a head 1-3 pounds (500 to 1,500 grams) in weight.

Types of Hatchets

Lathing hatchet - Blade flat along the top to facilitate use in corners and close to ceilings. The poll is a hammer head (often checkered) and there is a notch in the underside of the blade for pulling nails.Used to apply wooden lath in preparation for the application of plaster.

Shingling Hatchet - Round shouldered blade with hammer head, sometimes with a claw or a notch in the blade for pulling nails.

Carpenter's Hatchet - Kent pattern head, general purpose or bench tool.

Broad or Side Hatchet - Kent pattern head sharpened on one side. Used in hewing as a broad axe.


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