Halter hitch

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Halter hitch
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The halter hitch is a type of knot. As the name implies it is used to tie the lead rope, which is attached to the halter, to a post or hitching rail. The benefit of the halter hitch is that it can be released by pulling on one end of the rope. Even if there is tension on the rope it can still be release with ease.

How to Tie a Halter Hitch

Step 1: Pass the working end of the rope over the standing part.


Step 2: Pass the working end behind the loop.


Step 3: Create a bight in the working end of the rope. The bight is then passed in front of the main loop and into the second loop.


Step 4: Tighten the hitch by pulling on the standing end and the bight. The hitch can be finished by passing the working end through the bight.


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