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Let's start our group's page!


In the template of your page, you will see an "Infobox" in WikiFormat, here we'll help you sort out what needs putting where.

  • Name:
Quite simply, the group's name NOT A NICKNAME, IE: 8th Portsmouth, Pirates Explorers, Foobar Network
  • Image:
A necker, a logo, or a group shot
  • Caption:
A brief description of the above image, not required
  • Imagesize:
For a necker, use 50px, for a logo, 100px - 150px and for a group shot, 200px
  • Type:
STRICTLY use one of the following: Scout, Explorer, Network, Sea Scout, Air Scout, Guide or any other applicable type. Do not include "Group", this will place the article into the appropriate Category
  • Sections:
Sections the group uses, for Scouts this is usually Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • Founding date:
Just the year will do, if you do not know, ask your Scout leader
  • Location:
This is usually on the nametape of the group, if it's not, put the name of the meeting location, usually a scout hut or a church
  • Country:
For organisation purposes, check

for the exact country name to use (IE: for England use United Kingdom)

  • Continent:
For organisation purposes, fill this in
  • District:
If you don't know this, look on your right sleeve
  • Website:
If your group has a website (like most do), include a link, using http://


Type in a brief history of your group, your Scout Leader should know quite a bit. Try to include it's Founder, some important members even the leaders! Tell us all the facts and stories your group has to offer. Just think that you're on Campfire with another group, and you're swapping group stories. We like to hear all this!

Even give us the history of your Necker's colour, how the hierarchy works, the patrols you use.

Ever camped on Brownsea Island? We want to know, that's what the Database is for!

The Database

The Scout/Guide Group Database is an attempt to catalogue all the world's Scout and Guide Groups - from the Group members themselves! It's also a way for Scouts to find out about neighbouring and far off groups. Who knows? Through this you may find yourself having Campfire with 100th Foobar Scouts!