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This page belongs to the groups namespace. It assists users in creating an article on their own scouts group, by giving an introduction on creating and editing a group article. The text below appears as a heading when anyone starts a page on a group from Groups:Home.

You're one step closer to creating a page for your group! Now, just follow the steps below to complete the process!
  1. Add the name of your group next to "|name=".
  2. Upload an image of either your group, your group's logo or your group's necker to ScoutMedia, and then put it in the space next to "|image=". You can make an .svg necker by clicking here.
  3. Add a caption and an image size: we reccomend 50px if you are using neckers.
  4. Fill in the type of group you are, e.g. Scout, Guide, Explorer, Network, Sea Scout, Air Scout etc.
  5. Then add all the sections that are in your group (please add your Explorer and Network groups separately.)
  6. Next, add the location of your group, in the format of Town, County, Country, Continent, and also the District it is in (e.g. Greater London North), next to the relevant areas.
  7. Now add the website and the founding date if you know them - these are not essential.
  8. Finally, give us a rundown of your group in more detail - this is your space, so get telling us!

Now, all you need to do is press "Show Preview" to see how your page looks, and then "Save" it!

If you are experiencing any problems please visit Groups:Help, and ask one of our members!