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8th Portsmouth
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The Group's Purple Neckerchief, worn for almost 100 years
Type Scout
Sections Beavers, Cubs, Scouts
Location Church of the Holy Spirit
District Portsmouth
Country United Kingdom
Continent Europe
Date Founded 1909
Website [1]
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The 8th Portsmouth Scout Group is the oldest group in the District of Portsmouth at 99, and will celebrate it's 100th anniversary in 2009.

The group is famous in Portsmouth as the "Glorious 8th", as it has had a tradition of winning competitions all over Hampshire.

There have only been 4 GSLs (Group Scout Leader) in the 100 years of the group, Les Robinson, the second, turned 100 in 2008.


The group was founded in 1909 by it's first GSL, whose name is currently unknown.

The group holds a Remembrance Day Parade every year at The Church of Holy Spirit in Portsmouth, they also remember several Scout leaders and Scouts who were killed while meeting. They took a direct hit on their bomb shelter.

The group is famous as "The Glorious 8th", they have continually won trophies, competitions and games in Portsmouth and Hampshire. They have won the chess and draughts tournament several years in a row.