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7th Coventry Scout Group
Sections Beavers,Cubs,Scouts,7th Coventry Scout Band
Location Coventry
District Caludon
Country United Kingdom
Continent Europe
Date Founded 1912
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Group Timeline

The following message had been received by the County Commissioner from the Chief Scout. Lord Rowallan. Dear Ian, I hear that you are opening the new headquarters which the 7th, Coventry Group has acquired. It is splendid to hear of this enterprise on their part. Would you congratulate them for me, and thank all those who have helped to make this possible. I know that a home of their own will make all the difference to the Group and will, I am sure, prove a stimulus to even better scouting in the future. I send my best wishes to the 7th, for every happiness in their new home.


1912 Group started at Foleshill Road Congregational Church. Group was an open one and boys of any denomination could join.

First Camps held at Withy brook -

1914 World War 1, many members sent on active service. First Colours presented to the Group on December 23rd, 1914,at the Grand Picture House, of W. J. Henderson

19I6 War time camp at Brandon Lookout kept for 'zeppelin raids.

1916 Certificate signal by Baden-Powell Chief Scout, awarded to Group for helping to provide ambulance for service in France

1921 Proper Cub Section fanned for first time. Up to this time boys of all ages had been meeting together.

1924 Chief Scout, Sir Robert Baden-Powell, attends Rally held at Binley Road. Many of our Cubs and Scouts, Present to see and hear our Founder.

1927 Group becomes a closed Group and all boys have to attend Foleshill Road Congregational Church

1929- World Jamboree, Arrow Park, Birkenhead. Group had day outing to Jamboree from annual camp at Rhyl. Cubs and Scouts once again see and hear the Chief Scout, Lord Baden-Powell.

1930 Group's first Rover Investiture at Foleshill Road. Twelve Rovers Invested. Altogether about forty Rovers took part in ceremony.

1937 Group now without a meeting place as no accommodation was now available at Foleshill Road Congregational Church. Headquarters found at rear of shop in Foleshill Road at rent of 12/- per week. Many of Group attended Chief Scout's Rally at Leicester. Two of our King scouts in Baden-Powell', Guard of Honour. 1939 County Camp at Berkswell attended by many of our Scouts Lord Somers spent part of the weekend in camp. World War II. Many members sent on active service.

1940 Scouts at home on A.R.P. work and busy on was on paper and salvage collection in response to government appeal.Coventry blitz, One Scout lost his life on A.R.P. Messenger duties. Many Scouts evacuated. Meetings temporally suspended.

1941 Visit of new Chief Scout, Lord Somers, to Coventry. Scouts once again on parade to welcome the Chief. Meetings restarted at S.M.'s house. Numbers down to six Scouts.

1942 Use of Little Heath School obtained for meetings, which were held on Saturday afternoons owing to air raids and blackout. Total numbers of Group now up to eighty.Mr Laird loans us shed in Carlton Road, which we make into Den.National Service Pennant awarded Group for service.

1943 Parents' meeting called to restart 'Group Committee and discuss plans for providing our own Headquarters. National Service Pennant again awarded to Group.

1944 Group Committee now holding regular meeting. Building Fund started. First Annual Field Day held at Hall Green Road. V.E. Dance held at "General Wolfe." Preliminary plans for new Headquarters drawn up by member of Group. 1945 Negotiations started for plot of land for Headquarters. Lord Rowallan, the new Chief Scout, visits Coventry. Many of our Cubs and Scouts take part in Displays. Four First Class Scouts in Guard of Honour. Option on site in as a result of first few months' efforts hand in to Building Fund £26.

1946 Further plans for Headquarters drawn up and permission from town planning to proceed obtained. Purchase of land for Headquarters settled.

1947 Ladies' Committee First Annual Supper. £125 paid into Building Fund as a result of their first year's efforts.

1948 Group President Offers loan so that work on new Headquarters may be started. Second Ladies' Committee Supper. £110 raised by their efforts this year.

Band take part in first Massed Band Tattoo at Butts Stadium and also enter Toe H Band Contest and are awarded second place. Old Scouts' Reunion Dinner held at "Pilot Hotel."

1949 Real work on Building started. Ladies' Committee hand over £200 at their Third Annual Supper. Band again take part in second Massed Band Tattoo. The Deputy Mayor opens Ladies' Committee Annual Bazaar and also inspects our building.

1950 His Worship the Mayor of Coventry opens our 7th Annual Field Day at Courtaulds' Sports Ground and then visits new Headquarters to see building progress. Ladies' Committee raise £215 in their year's effort, which is handed over at their Fourth Annual Supper.

1951 At their 5th Annual Supper the Ladies' Committee hand over £300 to the Building Fund as the result of a record year's effort.

June 16th 1951. Today the opening of our new Headquarters marks the greatest milestone in the Group's long- history.

Whilst most of the credit must go to the boys, men and women of today, what we have accomplished has its roots in the traditions and wonderful Scout spirit which has been passed down in our Group through the 38 years of our existence.

In the course of these 38 years, hundreds, probably thousands of boys and many men have played their part in our history, and though our Headquarters are new, they are steeped in old traditions and happy memories