Ground-line hitch

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Ground-line hitch
Names Ground-line hitch, Picket-line hitch, Miller's knot, Sack knot, Bag knot
Category hitch
Category #2 binding
Related Miller's knot, Clove hitch, Turk's head
Releasing Non-jamming
ABoK #154, #277, #278, #390, #1243, #1676, #1680

The ground-line hitch is a type of knot used to attach a rope to an object. Worked-up and dressed properly, it is more secure than the simpler clove hitch and has less tendency to jam. It can also be used as a simple binding knot and is classed among several knots known as the Miller's knot.[1] The Ground-line hitch is also the start of a three-lead four-bight Turk's head.[2]

Untightened Ground-line hitch


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