Greater Yosemite Council

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The Greater Yosemite Council (GYC) is a local council (#059) of the Boy Scouts of America located in Central California.

Council History

In 1921 Modesto changed its name to the Stanislaus County Council, and in 1922 to the Yosemite Area. In 1998, the council changed its name to the Greater Yosemite Council. In 1997, the Forty Niner Council (#052) merged with the Yosemite Area Council.

The Forty Niner Council was founded in 1918 as the Stockton Council. In 1922 Stockton changed its name to San Joaquin, and in 1929 to San Joaquin-Calaveras Council. In 1957, San Joaquin-Calaveras Council changed its name to Forty Niner Council.


GYC is organized into 3 separate districts that cover 16 different counties, each operated by a professional District Executive and volunteer leadership. The council reorganized eight districts into three in 2011.

  1. Gold Country District - The 49er District. Calaveras District, and the Big Valley District were combined into the Gold Country District.
  2. Rio Del Oro District - The El Capitan District and the Wawona District became the Rio Del Oro District.
  3. Sierra Valley District - The Chief Tenaya District and the Golden Heritage District, and Waukeen District formed the Sierra Valley District.

Council Camps

Former Camps

  • Camp Micke, near Lodi (operated by Stockton Council)
  • Camp Cowell, near Santa Cruz (operated by San Joaquin-Calaveras Council)
  • Camp Dorrington, near Arnold (operated by San Joaquin-Calaveras Council)
  • Camp Baxter, near Arnold (operated by San Joaquin-Calaveras Council)
  • Camp Paradise, previous name of Camp 49 (operated by 49er Council)
  • Camp 49er, near Avery CA. (operated by 49er Council)
  • Camp Bob MacBride, east side of Pinecrest Lake (operated by Yosemite Area Council)
  • Camp Minkalo, in Amador County (operated by 49er Council)

Activity Calendar

OA Lodge

Toloma Lodge 64 - Order of the Arrow - The Tribe of Yosemite: The council is served by Yosemite Lodge 278 with 3 chapters that correspond to the three districts above. On October 10, 1998, at 10:10 AM, Yo-Se-Mite Lodge 278 and Sumi Lodge 342 became one at Camp McConnell in Livingston, California. This momentous occasion was celebrated by the current Chiefs from the two Lodges; each carried a flaming torch from their own Lodge's fire and together used them to kindle the flame that will burn in the Council fire of the new Toloma Lodge for many years to come. Traditions of both Lodges are melding to form the traditions of the new Toloma Lodge 64. The Lodge's name, "Toloma," comes from the Mi-Wuk meaning Lynx. The totem of the Lodge is appropriately Lynx. The Newsletter is the Missing Lynx.

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