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Girlguiding Anglia is one of the nine Countries and Regions of Girlguiding UK. It is further subdivided into twelve Girlguiding Counties. These are not the same as the counties defined by the British government.


Girlguiding Anglia is subdivided into twelve counties. These are:

  • Bedfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cambridegshire West
  • Cambridgeshire East
  • Essex North East
  • Essex South East
  • Essex West
  • Hertfordshire
  • Lincolnshire South
  • Norfolk
  • Oxfordshire
  • Suffolk

Great Hautbois House

Great Hautbois House is the Training and Activity Centre for Girlguiding Anglia. The Region’s offices are located on the Great Hautbois Estate. It is located near Norwich.

Great Hautbois House was built in the 19th century. It has been owned by Girlguiding Anglia since 1984 and has been a Training and Activity Centre since 1988. It has had links with Guiding since the early part of the 20th century. Its previous owners, Beth and Phillipa Patteson were committed Guides from childhood and the property had often been used for Guiding activities.

Historical Jigsaw

Girlguiding Norfolk runs a project to document the history of Guiding in its area. Supported by a grant from Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund, their website was launched on Thinking Day 2007. A key part of the project is collecting oral histories from people with memories of Guiding.

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