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Girl Scouts of Taiwan

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Girl Scouts of Taiwan
Girl Scouts of Taiwan
Girl Scouts of Taiwan
Country Taiwan (Republic of China)
Founded 1958
Membership 28,105
President Kao Chang Ming-Luan

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The Girl Scouts of Taiwan is the national Guiding organization of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Girl Scouting was introduced to China in 1919; the association became a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1963. The girls-only organization has 28,105 members (as of 2003).


Guide Promise




On my honor, I will try
to serve God and my country,
to help people at all times,
and to live by the Girl Scout Law.
File:Yang Huimin flag.jpg
Yang with the flag

Guide Law

1 女童軍的榮譽是受人信賴的.
2 女童軍是忠心的.
3 女童軍是助人的.
4 女童軍是一切人的朋友,是每位女童軍的姐妹.
5 女童軍是謙恭的.
6 女童軍是愛護動物的.
7 女童軍是服從的.
8 女童軍是快樂的.
9 女童軍是勤儉的.
10 女童軍的言語、思想及行為是純潔的.

  1. A Girl Scout's honor is trusted.
  2. A Girl Scout is faithful.
  3. A Girl Scout is helpful.
  4. A Girl Scout is a friend to everybody and a sister to every Girl Scout.
  5. A Girl Scout is courteous.
  6. A Girl Scout takes care of animals.
  7. A Girl Scout is obedient.
  8. A Girl Scout is happy.
  9. A Girl Scout is thrifty.
  10. A Girl Scout's language, thoughts, and actions are pure.

Guide Motto

一、 準備。

二、 日行一善。

三、 人生以服務為目的。

Official translation:
  1. Be Prepared
  2. Do a good turn daily
  3. Serve as Goal of Life

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