Gilwell Park (Victoria)

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Gilwell Park
Gilwell Park
Owner Scouts Australia - Victorian Branch
Location Gembrook,
Country Australia
Founded 1926
Founder Russell & Hoadley

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Gilwell Park is a campsite and activity centre for Scouting groups in Victoria, Australia. It is also a training and conference centre for Scout Leaders. The 157 acre property is located on both side of the Launching Place Road, Gembrook, Victoria.


Gilwell Park was named after the original Gilwell Park, located in London and a site so important to world scouting that all fully-trained leaders in the world are admitted to the 1st Gilwell Scout Group, and Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting Movement, used it as the Territorial Designation of both his Baronetcy and Barony. In 1926, the first leader training course was held at what would become Gilwell Park, after it was soon donated to the Scout Association.

Baden-Powell approved the naming of the new Training Centre and visited it twice, in 1931 and again in 1935, and one of the features of the Park is the Chief's Gate, which was only opened for Baden-Powell and after his death has been both welded and rusted closed. Other locations include The Gauntlet Commando course, the Lochaun, a lake that is famously freezing all year round - even in the depths of summer. The EM Derrick Pack Holiday Centre, a bunkhouse and hall/kitchen that is primarily used by Cub Packs for their Pack Holidays, as well as for training courses, the Hoadley and deMolnar Training Areas are dedicated to Leader Training, though like most buildings they are open for hiring.

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